*Pre-Order* 21k Pearl Drops Choker
Gold Type: 21k Gold. Stones: Cultural Pearl. Ready time: 2-4 weeks
126.000 BD
Sold Out
21k Bracelet - Flower
Gold Type: 21k Gold 
53.000 BD
21k Loop Earring with pearl drops
Gold Type: 21k Gold Stones: Cultural Pearls Ready time: 2-4 weeks
184.000 BD
21k Bracelet with Agate drops
Gold Type: 21k Gold Stones: Agate (Green/ Blue/ Red)
50.000 BD
Sold Out
Tabla Double Necklace
A collection made of pure 21k inspired by the traditional pieces "Tabla", which takes a cylindrical shape with the Arabic traditional patterns developed into an elegant pieces for a modern style. Gold Type: 21k Gold 21k Gold
155.000 BD
Sold Out
21k Bracelet - Clovers
Gold Type: 21k Rose Gold Weight: 1.6g
53.000 BD
Sold Out
21k Toleen Earrings with Enameling - Green
Gold Type: 21k Gold Weight: 1.28g
43.000 BD
Sold Out
21k Pearl Drops Bracelet
Gold Type: 21k Yellow Gold Stones: Cultural Pearl Ready time: 2-4 weeks
100.000 BD
21k Necklace - Turquoise
1,041.000 BD 836.000 BD
21k Necklace - Turquoise
Gold Type: 21k Gold Weight: 32.98g
1,041.000 BD 836.000 BD
21k Earrings - Heart Wings
Gold Type: 21k Gold Stones: Cubic Zirconia Weight: 0.71g
36.000 BD
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